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Korean Make-up/Skincare Pre-order!
Monday, October 27, 2014

Hello buyers!
As I will be visiting Korea in less than 3 weeks time, I will be hosting a pre-order for some of the popular Korean skincare/make-up brands! It is cheaper to get them from Korea even after adding the shipping fees. ^^ For this time round, I will be using the exact rate charged by the money charger and will be collecting a small amount of handling fee depending on what items you are getting. I will be using EMS to ship all the items back as I do not have enough baggage space this time round to hand carry all the items back. Even after adding all the items, prices are still 20% - 30% cheaper (even cheaper for more expensive items) compared to Singapore. :) EMS takes 2 - 3 working days to reach Singapore.

Closing on 9th November 2014 (Sunday); 8PM!

Current Status: 64 items

3CE: 12 items
Yjiawei- 3 items [paid]
Yimun- 2 items [paid]
Junyi- 7 items

Aritaum: 7 items
Zixin- 1 item [paid]
Zeneith- 2 items
Rachel- 3 items [paid]
Sherry- 1 item

Etude House: 8 items
Yjiawei- 4 items [paid]
Shannon- 1 item [paid]
Huihui- 1 item
Zeneith- 2 items

Innisfree: 8 items
Shannon- 3 items [paid]
Sherry- 5 items

Laneige: 4 items
Angelia- 1 item [paid]
Junyi- 1 item
Huihui- 2 items

Shara Shara: 4 items
Huihui- 2 items
Rachel- 2 items [paid]

Club Clio: 1 item
Zeneith- 1 item

Tony Moly: 1 item
Zeneith- 1 items

Skinfood: 6 items
Huihui- 3 items
Zeneith- 3 items

Stylenanda: 2 items
Yjiawei- 2 items [paid]

Banila Co.: 1 item
Sherry- 1 item

The Face Shop: 9 items
Sherry- 9 items

Nature Repulic: 1 item
Sherry- 1 item

Spree Duration:
I will be back on 22nd November, collection will probably be around the week after I am back.

Exchange rate: 1SGD = 805KRW (Exact exchange rate charged by the money changer)

How to calculate the amount that you need to pay :
(Amount in KRW/805) + Initial Shipping & Handling Fees

2nd time payment :
Top-up of shipping fees if initial shipping fees is insufficient (May or may not have)

Handling/Shipping Fees:
Mask - $1/item
Eyeliner (Pencil; Liquid)/Mascara/Lip Pencil; Gloss; Stick; Tint/Nail Color - $2.50/item
Eyeshadow (Single color)/Stick Concealer - $3/item
Eyeshadow (Palette)/Loose Powder/Foundation/Eyelashes (Single Pair)/Blusher - $3.50/item
Skincare Products (less than 100ML) - $4/item
Skincare Products (100ML to 250ML) - $4.50/item

* Do drop me an email to enquire on the product's handling fee if it is not listed here *

I notice that some of the products are on sale. However, please use the original price as I am unable to guarantee if the sales will still be going on when I am there. If your item is on sale, I will refund the money back to you. :)

Here are the lists of brands available (please click on the respective brand's name in order to start shopping!):

Banila Co.
Etude House
The Face Shop
the SAEM
Tony Moly

* Do drop me an email if you are interested in other brands and I'll see if I can include it here *

Click HERE for order form !!


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