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Collection/Payment Details !
Sunday, March 6, 2011

Collection via Meetups:
With effect from 22nd January 2013,
All of the meetup time slots and places will be fixed and is as follow:

Places available for collection of items:
Ang Mo Kio [Every Saturday]
Bukit Batok [Daily; timing negotiable]
Hougang/Tampines [Once a month]
SIM [Available on Monday - Thursday (Timing to be negotiated)]

* Places/timings are subject to availability.
* Other places may also be available and negotiable , but its only subject to my availability .

Collection via Postage:

Parcels will be mailed out within 2 - 3 working days, starting from the day when the parcel reaches my house.

I WILL NOT be liable for any normal postage parcels (with/without cert. of posting) should they be lost during the midst of delivery by Singpost.

How will items be packed?
For bulky/odd shape items, brown paper will be used as a normal envelope will not be able to fit.

For normal apparels (1 - 3 pieces), a brown envelope will be used.

For fragile items (accessories etc), bubble wrap will be used to wrap up the item before placing it into the envelope. (NO extra charges). 

Note: NO extra charges for stationary cost.

Collection via Courier (Taqbin):
A flat rate of either $6 or $10 will be charged, depending on bulkiness of items. Parcel will be arranged to be mailed out according to buyer's chosen time slot/day.

For 1 - 4 items (depending on bulkiness), items will be placed into a brown envelope. For 4 items and above, items will be placed into a box.

Payment via Bank Transfer/Internet Banking:
I ACCEPT POSB/DBS and OCBC bank transfers.
I DO NOT accept inter-bank transfers (e.g. UOB to DBS)

For buyers who made payment via Bank Transfer,
Please email/text me (my number will be provided when I send you an invoice) the date and time, and ref. no (optional) of the transfer.

For buyers who made payment via Internet Banking,
Please email me your IB nick which you used during the transaction.

Payment via Meetup:
Ang Mo Kio [Available on every Saturday]
Bukit Batok [Daily, subject to availability]


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