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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Hello all!!
Welcome to shoptilldroppp-x!!

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Hello! As we are finally back from our short hiatus, shoptilldroppp-x will be offering a mini promotion for all buyers. :) For members who are in our membership system, you will be able to enjoy $0.50 off every $20 spent instead of the usual $25 spent. As for new buyers, do enjoy $0.50 off every $30 spent. We would like to thank all for your constant support despite the hiatus we had.

For sprees of the week/new sprees, they are directly below this post, and are accessible by clicking their respective banner just below the spree title.
New sprees will be released every Sunday at 8PM!!

Fancy sprees that are not released this week? No worries! Simply drop us an email: shoptilldropppx@gmail.com, or alternatively, you may leave a comment at our Formspring which will be read and answered frequently! If your desire spree is up on poll, simply vote for it. ^^

Have you "liked" our FB page? If you have not done so, do scroll down a lil and our FB page logo is placed at the right side of the page. By doing so, you will have earn yourself a $1 one-time off your order, or free normal postage which you can choose. Just provide your FB name to enjoy this promotion. ^^

We thank you for your support towards our blog shop, and will strive to work even harder, providing the best for all of you! :D


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