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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

1) Junyi [Regular buyer]
Good in service! Patience and friendly! ^^

2) Xiao Ying [Colorful #2]
This blogshop is not scamming and is trustworthy :)

3) Huiwen [Colorful #2 ; AMYE #4,#5]
I think you've done a good job on taking orders, refunds etc! :) Your blogshop's great! It's efficient!

4) Michelle [AMYE #6]
Thankyou, babe! So sweet of u ((: Would most probably patronise frm u the nxt time (:

5) Stacey [Mimishop #5]
Reliable, efficient and really polite ! It was great ordering from you. Im looking forward to more sprees!! :D

6) Cherilyn [AMYE #6]
The owner is very gracious as I was late for abt half an hour, and she did not kick up a fuss. She replied quick respond & will recommend to my friends to shop at her blogshop. :))

7) Jiahao [AMYE #6]
Fast and efficient :)

8) Sheila [Etrue #4]
Hee, I'm looking forward to buying more from you, after my 1st prelims :) THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're like one of the NICEST owners YEAH :D

9) Irene [Smile #7]
The service offered by the shop owner is very good as she made the effort to meet up at other times when I can't make it for her scheduled slots. My items arrived soon too. Will continue to shop from her blog. :)

10) Amanda [Red Rain #3]
Owner is friendly and efficient. Trustworthy! :)

11) Katherine [PG Mall #4]
Thanks lots :D i rec my bag alread =]

12) Xena [PG Mall #4]
Very efficient service and constant updates made it easy for me to keep track of when my items will arrive. Will spree with you again! :)

13) Teresa [PG Mall #4]
Although waiting time is long bt I enjoy spreeing wif eu. Collected all my bags. Thanks. Will sure to spree wif eu again:)

14) Elsie [Regular buyer]
I think you are prompt in replying and updating your blogshop. The items arrive very fast too! The idea of membership is great! I benefited from it. Will continue to purchase from you:)

15) Rachel Lim [Red Rain #3]
Items arrived fast, answer all my doubts ~ Friendly. ;)

16) Alicia [Mini Jule #1]
I enjoy your services provided. Thanks to you, I'm able to get what I want from Taiwan spree. I will be your customer again soon. By then hope you can give me some discount. haha ^^

17) Shirleen [Regular buyer]
A nice and friendly blogshop owner, very reliable and hope to deal with you again :)

18) Yunying [Ducky Box #1]
The item is very worth it, cheap and nice. This blogshop will be my first choice :)

19) Joy [Instock buyer]
Rather good. Quick reply quick deal.

20) Marzie [Ducky Box #1]
Seller is efficient in answering my doubts and is quick in delivering. Thumbs up for that! :D

21) Cassandra [Bigi #6]
Good service! Friendly and nice blogshop owner. Thumbs-up! :D

22) Jeslin [Ducky Box #1]
Fast and efficient service, very trustable, and awesome attitude too! Will definitely spree with you often!

23) Clarissa & Shiangmin [Ducky Box #1]
Clarissa and I both agreed that there's a great service and is highly dependable(:

24) Joanne [Bigi #6]
Nice and polite seller.. Always receive my items in good condition. :) Will definitely deal with you again the next time! :)

25) Yui Jia Wei [Maymaylu #5; #6]
Very satisfied with the items I took today! xD and blogshop owner is super polite, patient, friendly (super), will continue to support this blogshop! :D

26) Kaitlyn [Maymaylu #6]
Trustworthy. Constantly updates the sprees (: items arrived fast. thankyou!

27) Anting [Maymaylu #5]
Hey! I've received my item already. Thanks! You have a great service :-)

28) Sharon [Maymaylu #5]
I love all the sprees that you opened :) the fees all that is reasonable too :) hee. And i'll always get notified when new spree opens. Excellent! :D

29) Michelle [Maymaylu #6]
Good and efficient. I'm looking forward in spree with u. Will continue to purchase from you :-)

30) Peckyun [Maymaylu #5/#6]
Great and efficient service! Enjoy shopping @ your blogshop (:(:

31) Farahzilla [Maymaylu #5/#6; Etrue & Miracle #4/Ducky Box #1/Instock buyer]
Great service! Friendly owner. Efficient at replying to customer's enquires! :-)

32) Grace Huang [Etrue & Miracle #4/Maymaylu #5/#6]
I like your attitude! Very friendly :>:>:> and I would join your sprees again ;-)

33) Zan [Etrue & Miracle #4]
Very smooth spreeing experience with you. Thanks:)

34) Elaine [Smile #7/Maymaylu #5]
Very nice owner who is extremely patient n caring. Very efficient. Well done! :)

35) Jasmine Wong [PG Mall #4/Maymaylu #5]
Understand and efficient ! I like :D

36) Amanda [Maymaylu #6]
You're a very friendly and patient blogshop owner, also reply mails and smses very fast. :D

37) Sheila [Etrue & Miracle #4]
Wan ning's shop has great service and she has been really patient with me too, and I believe it is nt easy too. I would love to shop frm her shop again, thank you so much!

38) Melody [Bigi #6/#7; Betwo #3]
Friendly and nice owner who asked for people permission first instead of insisting of things.

39) Rena [Etrue & Miracle #4]
Nice, friendly n patient owner :-D items were nicely packed n received in good conditions :-D

40) Sin Yuen [AMYE #7]
You are a very efficient owner. Whenever I messaged you, you will reply me very fast. And is a very trustworthy person. :D

41) April [AMYE #7]
Nice blogshop, many different spree . Cheap handling fees too . Overall very good (: shop owner is patient and reasonable .

42) Qiu Xia [AMYE #7]
Very patient :) cause I do not know how to calculate and you showed me the steps! That's why I recommend ur blog to my friends :)

43) Jing Rui [AMYE #7]
Very efficient, reliable and punctual! Good point about the shop is the membership. I will definitely shop more! Thanks. :)

44) Lisa [Betwo #3]
I love the items,thx vry much! =). The owner is vry friendly n attitude is vry gd. I will order more items from her again ^^

45) Zhiting [Etrue & Miracle #4]
Hi i've received my items thanks :D very friendly and efficient^^ definitely a trust worthy shop :D

46) Khine [Cutie & Cynthia #3]
The service is great and answer all my questions! Patience and will spree with you again ~ !

47) WanTing [Cutie & Cynthia #3]
Owner is very friendly & have great service :) Very trustable :)

48) Shirlene [Cutie & Cynthia #3]
Nice blogshop owner, patience with me . Nice service , trustable t buy from again .

49) Farahzilla [Ducky Box #2]
Haha thank you for ur service. Nice one! :)

50) Shopping Strings [Ducky Box #2]
Owner is friendly and prompt, will purchase agn :-)

51) Zara Wong [Ducky Box #2]
Meet up was quick, no delay or postpone of meetups, blog regularly updated for spree status. good job!:)

52) Melissa [Ducky Box #2]
Seller is fast and efficient, I feel safe spree-ing with her. Postage wise is cheaper than other bs too. W spree here again!

53) May Ong [Cutie & Cynthia #3]
Thx for ur prompt replies n great service! Looking forward to mre sprees of yours...

54) Kristy [Cutie & Cynthia #3]
I'm constantly updated on the status of my goods and this give reassurance. The blog owner portrays a sense of responsibility through this. My goods come in expected conditions so I dont even have to bother about getting them changed. I will definitely order further sprees from this blogshop :)

55) Min Yu [Sense Shop #1]
You're nice and friendly! You are patient towards customers and reply customers' enquiries fast. Will order more items again from u! :)

56) Xianya [Sense Shop #1]
This blogshop is one that I will definitely recommend to my friends. Reply regardless through sms or emails are replied quickly. The items purchased are in good condition too. Good job! ^^

57) Jia Hou [AMYE #7]
Service was good. Goods not damaged. Waiting time not very long. :-)

58) Samantha [Sense Shop #1]
I really love tt the owner is friendly. This blogshop is very reliable n efficient. :)

59) Eve Tan [Maymaylu #7]
You are friendly and trustable. And the goods are quite cheap. (:

60) Simin [Maymaylu #7]
Good seller, reply fast and update frequently!

61) Zihui [Colorful #3]
You are very patient and reply fast. Will buy more clothings from you again.

62) Stacey [Maple Syrup #2 ; Sense Shop #1]
Hey I got the shorts and the necklace ! Thanks a lot :)

63) Amy [Colorful #3]
Efficient and responsible seller. No worries when ordering. :)

64) Anna [PG Mall #5]
Trustworthy, good customer service with patience and fast replies.

65) Farahzilla [Etrue #5]
Thanks to you too! Like ur service very much! Keep up the good work! :)

66) Gina [Etrue #5]
Great and efficient service. Replied emails and texts fast. :)

67) Zan [Etrue #5]
Thankyou for your excellent service too:) keep it up.

68) Trixi [Etrue #5]
A very friendly blogshop owner who updates the spree status very frequently(:

69) Jiayi [Etrue #5]
Thanks for delivering the clothes :) Yup your shop provides a great variety of clothes to choose from, which is great. :)

70) Rei [Colorful #3]
Efficient and nice seller~ :-)

71) Jacqueline [Etrue #5]
Reliable, fast n efficient. Good services provided! Thanks a lot! Definitely will spree w u again! =)

72) Debbie [Smile #8]
I like the service because it's efficient and you guys don't scam! Plus there's lots of sprees to choose from and I can get what I need :)

73) Vonne [Smile #8]
Nice and friendly seller. Efficient too. :-)

74) Diana [Smile #8]
Dealing with you had been a pleasant experience. :)

75) Elaine Chua [Imagine Boys/Girls #1]
I havent got the items but I feel that u are kind and patient with ur customers. (: and even though it isnt ur fault for the delay in the items, u apologised. (:

76) Yimei [Cutie & Cynthia #4]
I think you provide GOOD service. Haha! Cos you reply people message v fasttt. :D

77) Carmen Chow [Imagine Boys/Girls #1]
Item received is nice and good quality. And it's really nice of you to have so many mass meetups.

78) Jielin [Puffy #2]
Fast and efficient service. V polite too :D

79) Sherry Tan [Imagine Boys/Girls #1]
An extremely efficient n reliable blogshop. :) I've been ordering from them for a couple of times, n e quality of service provided remains good. Will continue supporting! :)

80) Joanne Ang [Cutie & Cynthia #4; Puffy #2]
Clothes received are of good quality and I think its really good that owner constantly updates on e sprees. And u're nice and patient! :D

81) Siuting [Cutie & Cynthia #4]
Good service and trustworthy :D

82) Sharon [Puffy #2]
Patience, friendly! Will buy from you again (:

83) Vivienne [Instock buyer]
Very good & efficient. Fast in replying emails and sms! :D owner vry nice oso!

84) Regina [Regular buyer]
Friendly and patient seller. She is efficient and different from other blog shops. I'd continue to support you in the upcoming sprees! Keep up the nice work! Thanks =)

85) Xinyi [Puffy #2]
Best blogshop owner I've known (: trustworthy, friendly and great attitude (:

86) Berrinda [Cutie & Cynthia #4; Maymaylu #8; Betwo #4; AMYE #8]
Prompt replies, sweet. Fast deals. Thanks.

87) Angeline [Betwo #4]
Blog owner is very nice and patient! There is also a large variety of clothes to choose from. Definitely will continue to support!

88) Xueting [Maymaylu #8; JJS #1]
Quick response to emails.. Responsible n reliable person. Very prompt in updating new sprees. :)

89) Shu Jun [AMYE #8]
Really friendly and willing to answer all my questions without a hint of impatience. Will spree with again if any catches my fancy. :D

90) Jerlyn [Imagine Boys/Girls #1]
The owner is quite efficient in sending out parcel though the spree took longer than expected. But she is responsible by smsing me when she sent out my parcel. Thanks.

91) Sharon [JJS #1]
Very efficient and good! Friendly and trustworthy. Oh anyway I was randomly google and found your shop, guess I'm lucky. :)

92) Dilys Ng [Maymaylu #8]
The owner is friendly and trustworthy :)

93) Wanfang [Maymaylu #8]
I really liked the item :) the owner is very friendly too ! (:

94) Angela [PG Mall #5]
Friendly service and receive item in a short time :)

95) May Hlaing [PG Mall #5]
I really like my PG Mall bags.. And it doesn't take so long to wait:) It's quality is excellent!!

96) Jane [Imagine Boys/Girls #1]
I like the service, its good.

97) Zhi Yin [Maymaylu #8]
Love shopping here! The owner is super patient, kind and super helpful! Help me paid in advance because I didnt pay the full amount. I will shop here again! :)

98) Ivy [Betwo #5]
Thanks for your service it was great :D Will always come back shoptilldroppp the best shop !!

99) Xiao Ting [Imagine Boys/Girls #2]
I just simply like your blogshop item, due to there is loads of different design for me to choose. I can even see till headache, because there is too much items for me to see .

100) Regina [JJS #1]
Received JJS spree items. Thanks a lot =)

101) Jasmine [PG Mall #6]
Thanks for being so fast and efficient in taking orders and being so nice and friendly =)

102) Regina [Maymaylu #9]
By the way, I've received my items from Maymaylu spree. Thanks for being so efficient =)

103) Mei Choo [Imagine Boys/Girls #2]
Good and prompt service.

104) Jessica [Betwo #5; PG Mall #7]
Willing to wait for me despite I'm late. :)

105) Jane [PG Mall #7]
Nice and efficient when replying to my enquiries. Got my item earlier then I expected and I love it! Sure to support ur blogshop again {:

106) Michelle [iPhone/iTouch Casings #2]
hey, i received the case alr. love it very much. thx :D

107) Regina [Betwo #7]
Item from Betwo received. Thanks. =)

108) Jasmine [Colorful #4]
Reliable and trustworthy :-)

109) Jiaqian [Cutie & Cynthia #5]
You provide good services, eg when we got qns, u will ans as asap. Then u won't ignore our qns. U are very friendly in helping me. And I don't need to wait for too long for my stuff. Thanks.

110) Pamela [Ni-kiyo #1]
service is commendable, i enjoy buying from you as you're friendly, approachable and easy going :) i dont feel restricted when i need help, i can always clarify any doubts, and you're more than willing to help me :) i love your service and would like to have more opportunities working with you :) do keep up the good work :) :) :) i love the clothes :)

111) Livian [Betwo #7]
Nice n patient shop owner! Enjoyed shopping with you(:

112) Shuling [Betwo #7 ; Maymaylu #10]
You have good service and you're really friendly :) I'll patronize your shop in future if possible :)

113) Shihui [Betwo #7]
Efficient seller who updates on spree status regularly . Definitely will get spree items from this blogshop again (:

114) Kelly Ling [Maymaylu #10]
This blogshop is trustworthy .. It's good and efficient the owner's friendly and nice too .. I'll continue supporting this blogshop :D

115) Siew Teng [iPhone/iPod Touch #3]
Hi I've received one of the iPhone cover. Thanks!

116) Samantha Tan [Betwo #6]
Fast, efficient and reliable seller that does frequent spree updates. Very enjoyable shopping experience. Thanks.

117) Ailin [Blythezoo #2]
I used to have no confidence when comes to shopping online. But after experiencing excellent service from Wan Ning and good quality products , I will definitely come here more often to get the pretty yet affordable items . It's worth the wait and you will not regret ! :)

118) Cherilyn [iPhone/iPod Touch #5]
Service is good((: prompt on replying enquiry ((:

119) Michelle [Blythezoo #2]
The service was not bad. The wait frm another spree was q fast and aft checking the items, they fit well. Thanks. I'll patronize ur shop again.

120) Gina [Blythezoo #2]
Great and efficient service :)

121) Leer [Bigi #10]
Hey babe! I love the way you constantly update the spree status. Even if the stocks are delayed, at least we know why. Keep up the good job :)

122) Regina [Betwo #6]
Item from Betwo received. Thanks =)

123) Katherine [Puffy #4]
Excellent service from this bloggshop :) always answer to my queries , fast and efficient . Will continue to support you yeah :D (^.^)

124) Cindy [iPhone/iPod Touch Casings #5]
Great services , friendly and nice owner .

125) Yujing [iPhone/iPod Touch Casings #5]
Fast replies , stocks are fast too . ^^ . Will definitely buy again yeah :}

126) Regina [Etrue #6]
Hi. I received my cardi. Thanks =)

127) Serene Tan [Cutie & Cynthia #6]
Liked the item. Good service. Will patronise your blogshop again =)

128) Mion [Cutie & Cynthia #6]
Seller is very friendly and tries to meet the needs of the customers !!!

129) Nea [Bigi #11]
Really good and quick service (Y)

130) Marine [Bigi #10]
A very friendly and reliable blogshop owner. <: You're very patient too when I cant make it suddenly on that day. You offered meet up for payment where most blogshops dont. Will purchase from you again. (:

131) Yusheng [Imagine Boys/Girls #3]
Hi received my package today. thanks

132) Shahira [Bigi #10]
The bag is in good condition which is what matters most. :) Service was friendly and the spree was efficiently updated. Thanks again. :)

133) Livian [PG Mall #7]
Hi! I received my items(: Thanks alot!!

134) Regina [PG Mall #7 ; Bigi #11 ; Maymaylu #11]
Items from PG Mall, Bigi and Maymaylu received in excellent condition. Thanks a lot =)

135) Sally Chua [Shoe #1]
The service was efficient and fast. And it is cheap too :)

136) Shuyi [Kiwi Shop #1]
Item received in good condition. Good service!:)

137) Li Jun [PG Mall #8]
You're friendly! Updates on the spree is given, doesn't need to worry much! :D

138) Zi Xin [Cutie & Cynthia #6]
You are really friendly in replying enquiries and orders. You actually make an effort to make sure that people receive their parcel. Definitely a must to order from you again!:)

139) Miao Yi [Shoe #1]
I tink you are kind, reliable and also very efficient in replying to mails as well as delivery :-)

140) Rochelle Ong [Bigi #10]
Though it took quite some time to arrive, my item received is in excellent condition. Love my new bag (:

141) Yuki [Bigi #10]
First time spreeing at shoptilldroppp-x. Loved how organized the shop is and the efficiency of the owner. Spree are always updated even if she is overseas! Plus plus point! Freebie w purchase! Awwww ~ how sweet!! She make the effort to really do meetup at many places! Benefited lots of customer! Im enjoying her low spree rate and saved on postage wise! Start spreeing w her! :D

142) Guixin [Maymaylu #11]
Owner's super nice and kind ! (: Her convenient place was too far for me and she arranged to meet somewhere more convenient w me (: Will buy again n reco :D

143) Felicia [Regular Buyer]
Shoptilldropppx is definitely my #1 choice for sprees. The owner is not only efficient, but has an excellent service attitude as well! Also, you'll never get your eyes off from the weekly updated sprees for the variety of products available. This blogshop is proven to be 100% trustworthy~

144) Xinmei [Cutie & Cynthia #6]
Xinmei here, I received the items and refund. Thanks! :)

145) Justina [PG Mall #8]
Hey thank you for taking time to come down to meet me. You are a responsible seller and i am sure to join the future sprees.

146) Sherilyn [PG Mall #8]
Nice and patience seller. Efficient too :)

147) Angel [AMYE #9]
Really fast, efficient and flexible. Hope to spree with you soon again (: Enjoy the weekend ahead!

148) Yi Hui [AMYE #9]
Good customer service :) will buy from her again!

149) Kimberley [iPhone/iPod Touch #1]
Parcel very well packed. Thank you! (:

150) Wai Ming [Maple Syrup #3]
The products of the store is of top quality and the service provided was timely and helpful :)

151) Syuraa [Shoe #2]
Best owner I've came across, though I was late but she didnt even show any sign of getting angry and willing to change location at latter time. Nice job and will buy from this bs again =) page added to faves ^_^

152) Regina [Tokyo Fashion #2]
I've received my items and in great condition. Thanks a lot. Shopped with you for quite some time and service provided is great with prompt replies. Thanks babe=)

153) Regina [Maymaylu #12]
Hello. I received MML items today. Thanks for the free gift. I like and appreciate it =) Thanks babe!

154) Gladys [Bigi #10]
Hey. I've received my bag, thanks.

155) Josephine [Puffy #6]
Your service was great, constantly reminding me about our meet up and willing to make last min changes. xP

156) Xin Jie [JJS #3]
Friendly, initiative and replies fast :)

157) Regine [Tokyo Fashion #3]
Thanks for the good service! The clothes were of good quality and the waiting time wasn't too long. Blogshop owner is also flexible and kind :)

158) Peizhen [Baimomo #2]
Reliable and friendly! More than willing to deal with her again!

159) Zoe Ng [Baimomo #2]
Trusting and very reliable!! I feel comfortable in asking them if I have any enquiries.

160) Wanlin [Bigi #12]
Trustable blogshop with awesome sprees! The items are of good quality too! (: Owner is friendly!

161) May Ong [Imagine Boys/Girls #4]
Hi Wan Ning, items received in great condition. Thank you so much for all your help! =)

162) May Ong [Your Fashion #5]
Hi Wan Ning, I have received the item from Your Fashion Spree. Thank you so much =)

163) May Ong [Tokyo Fashion #4]
Hi Wan Ning, parcel received. Thanks for your help! =)

164) Dice [Regular Buyer]
Hi babe, I've been spreeing with you for quite some times and I must say it's been a wonderful experience! You'd go the extra mile just to ensure that I'll get my items earlier (which I couldn't make it for the meet up at a later timing that day) - and on time - which is definitely something worth complimenting on. You do regular updates which allow me to keep track of the status of each spree so that I can have a peace of mind that the items are already restocking or are on their way. Patient and efficient in handling enquiries and sprees too! Thank you for this great shopping experience. ;)

165) Angel [Regular Buyer]
I've got the parcel! Thanks :)

166) Minchee [Beauty #1/Colorful #5]
Thanks alot. Will buy from u again next time! :)

167) Grace [Beauty #1]
Item (stamp set) received today! Thanks :)

168) Rachel [Beauty #1]
Received the items from beauty spree (: Thankyou!

169) Jingyan [Estyle/Orange Bear #2]
I have receive the parcel. Thankyou!

170) Hope [Regular Buyer]
You are very friendly and nice and answer all my questions patiently! Thanks! I got my items on the same week as the parcel arrive to you! Tat is efficient! Thanks! Will continue to buy things from you!

171) Regina [Puffy #7]
Hi. I've received my item and like it a lot. Thank you =)

172) Farahzilla [Cutie & Cynthia #8]
Hey babe! Farah here. Item received! Thanksss!

173) Crystal [Efashion #8]
Thanks for fast action. Appreciated!

174) Pearlene [AMYE #11]
Love the way you handle our purchase. Will definitely buy from you again :)

175) Sheila [Tokyo Fashion #5]
Received the items! Thanks~

176) Sai Moi [Baimomo #4 ; Betwo #11]
I received the parcel already. THX! The service is good and efficient. Looking forward to order more items from you! :)

177) Yiting [Betwo #11]
Friendly seller & efficient service :D will continue supporting!

178) Li Ning [Betwo #11]
Thanks so much for ur fast replies n granting my last min request. Much cheaper than other blogshops too. I'll b sure to patronize u next time. :)

179) Sally [Regular Buyer]
Hello. I received already. Thanks. :) and sorry for the trouble. :)

180) Crystal [Tokyo Fashion #7]
Thanks,I like my items v much...happy new yr to u too :)

181) Jiayi [Joyce Shop #5]
Thanks babe! Will order more from you next time :)

182) Grace [Forever 21 #4]
Hihi! Yup got the parcel ytd evening :) thanks!

183) Sherry [Joyce Shop #5; Fashion Market #4]
I was v v satisfied with e last batch. Joyce shop always has good quality products with nice cutting.:) e shoes was gr8 too!

184) Delphine [Beauty #3]
Great shop with good and frequent updates. Organiser is patient and answer queries politely.

185) Gladys Cheong [Ni-kiyo #4]
Haha, thank you! I love the pullover! :D

186) Meilin [PG Mall #14]
I love it very much! Thanks, i will support you again :)

187) Wanxin [Smile #13]
Hi. Thanks! I received the parcel and cash!

189) Sherry [Wetseal #1]
The wetseal stuff were great!:) i'm so glad tt my money wasn't wasted.:)

190) Wyn [Tokyo Fashion #8]
Hi, I received the parcel already ! Thanks ! ^^

191) Grace [Forever 21 #5]
F21 parcel received today with thanks!!

192) Xin Yi [Maymaylu #18]
First time buying frm shoptilldropppx. Though it takes some time for the items to arrive.. its worth the wait. Will buy agn.. :)

193) Geraldine [Forever 21 #6]
A nice and patient seller. Packed my things into a plastic bag which is not provided initially to prevent my items from dirt in the process of delivery ^^ will patronize again! And the spree info are very organised! (: (Y)

194) Minghui [Queen Shop #3]
Hi I received alr! Thank u!

195) Min Er [Imagine Boys/Girls #7]
Frequent updates and really efficient! Enjoyed the experience and will definitely join the spree again. :)

196) Joycelyn [Forever 21 #6]
Owner is friendly and responsible and I would definitely shop here again!

197) Jas [Forever 21 #6]
A patient and a nice owner . Very affordable spree . Will get my friends to support for sure (:

198) Cindy [Tokyo Queen #2]
I receive the bag. Thanks !

199) Jolyn [Beauty #4]
Very happy with the items, it came very quickly! & thanks for being so efficient! :)

200) Zeneith [Beauty #4]
You're really friendly and very efficient in replying enquiries ! And also very patient and organise alot of interesting sprees ~ will continue to purchase from you ^~^

201) Caiqi [Cutie Fashion #12]
You're a patient seller and the quality is good. (:

202) Germaine [Cutie Fashion #12]
Owner very friendly and patient! Didnt get irritated even though I ask so many qns!! Will buy from her again! :)

203) Charissa [Beauty #4]
Friendly and responsible owner with items received promptly and in good condition! (:

204) Hui Xin [Joyce Shop #6]
Service is very good! Very happy about the goods I order :D.

205) Jocelyn [Eyescream #2/Lulus #1]
Have received the parcel. Thanks

206) Jing Yan [Bigi #16]
Item received. Thank you.

207) Li En [Bigi #16]
I like the item:D replies are prompt and seller is friendly.

208) Sharon [Betwo #15]
Received the betwo items thanks!

209) Carissa [Betwo #15/Puffy #10]
I really like the service, it is fast and efficient. The blog is also easy to navigate. I'll come back to your blog if I want to order clothes from sprees in the future. :)

210) Songwen [Private spree: Hito]
Thanks lot! Looking forward to do business wif u again :)

211) Cheryl [Betwo #15]
I definitely love the awesome service provided! Fast and efficient! :D thank you once again! (:!

212) JiaXue [Efashion #10]
Owner is friendly and nice :) efficient and waiting time isnt long!

213) Agnes [Efashion #10/Baimomo #6]
The blogshop owner is really amiable & trustworthy! Will continue to support her in future (:

214) June [Blythe Zoo #6/Tokyo Queen #3]
Hello! June here! Items received! Thank you ^^

215) Sheila [Eyescream #3/Rainbow #2]
I received it, thanks! ^^

216) Sharon [Betwo #16]
Thanks for e effort!
217) Joana [Tokyo Fashion #11]
I like the concept of the official receipt. It's professional n clearly illustrates the no. of items I got. It'll b ideal if there's a breakdown of items. Friendly service & prompt replies received. :) will continue to spree wif shoptilldropppx.

218) Delphine [Betwo #17]
Thank you. ♥ Enjoy purchasing fr u=)

219) Raine [Eyescream #3]
Shoptilldropppx is a very friendly and patient seller! Will definitely patronize her again (:

220) He Shun [Korean Bag Instock]
Well, it's a commendable service, not much delay. The seller is also pretty friendly and patient.

221) Clara [Maymaylu #20]
The owner is really friendly and my clothes are neatly wrapped. The spree took a shorter time than I expected :) she did not mind me changing the meetup time and venue :) thanks ! :P

222) Cecilia [Rainbow #3]
Fast n prompt update on the process. Efficient seller. Will buy from u again.

223) Beverly [Buloso #2]
Hi shoptilldrop ! I am satisfied with the service.:) I am surprised to receive the items in less than 2weeks. In short , they provide fast and goodservices.

224) Kaiyi [Buloso #2]
Hmm its good :) there is a wide selection of items to buy and its simple.

225) Joey [Baimomo #9]
Friendly and super nice seller! :) item received was also pretty nice and of good quality ^^ will definitely buy again!

226) Hayley [Supre #3]
Happy New Year to You! Thanks for being flexible with the meetup date & time and ensuring that my spree items arrives just in time for CNY! I will definitely spree with you again and please organize more Supre Sprees!

227) Jasmine [Betwo #19]
thks for meeting so tt i can get before cny! happy new year! :)

228) Clara [Supre #4]
I love all the items! Great spree-ing with you :) Prompt replies and efficient service!

229) Jacqueline [Bath & Body Works #1]
this is my first time in B&BW spree with shoptilldroppp-x and I must say that service is very good as the owner not only reminded me of the last day promotion but also personally deliver the items to my house. Really appreciate the effort. :)

230) Sherry [Regular buyer]
Thanks for the awesome customer service! :D

Do send me an email @ shoptilldropppx@gmail.com in order to feedback !


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